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Giving back is a huge thing for us. We can hoard money, or we can make a difference. We like to make a difference, so a percentage of our gross income goes to these organizations. Enough people are destroying the world, so we like to help those that are trying to fix it. These are the ones we support, as of now. We would like to have more, but with so many corrupt charities we only have the ones we can testify to.


Samaritan's Purse is an amazing organization that provides relief all over the world and gives 90% of everything they get, running everything on 10%. Truly amazing when you see all they do.



As their website describes, they protect and care for families in conflict zones.  Ephraim Mattos is a savage! He ain't your average charity CEO, this one carries a gun instead of a Rolex, and he actually works.



Digital Privacy, Free Speech, and Innovation. This is what the EFF fights for. This is not only a great organization but also a great source of information. Give them a visit, and a donation, what they do directly affects all of us.


The only none compromising 2A defender in the USA. It doesn't matter your party, your beliefs, or what you like, they defend the second amendment against anyone and everyone. They have no party, and their alliance is to The Constitution For The United States.
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