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  • When will I get my free gun?
    The free gun goes to the winner of the raffle. If you are the winner of the raffle, we will contact you. Or, if you see your name in our winner announcement post you can contact us first. After we verify that you are the winner, we will acquire some extra information and start the process to deliver your free gun. But in general 7-15 days after the winner is determined.
  • How do I know which gun I'm getting?
    The only way to know is to watch our YouTube videos. Our videos go up on Thursdays. This means that from the moment that "video 1, containing gun 1" is up on Thursday until the Wednesday before the next video is uploaded the next Thursday, you are entering to win "gun 1". This will probably be updated in the future as we add more guns to give away.
  • Can I get money instead of a gun?
    Unfortunately, not yet. We are working on making this an option, but until then, we can't give you that option.
  • Can I come pick up my gun?
    If you live in the state of Texas, you will be able to soon. But for now, that option is not available. If you live in a different state, we feel sorry for you. And no, you can't come to pick it up. We want to be able to give away guns for free, for as long as possible, and since we are owned by an FFL we have to follow their rules and the ATF rules. And those rules require a background check that can only be done by a licensed FFL. That means that if you win a gun, your gun will be delivered to the FFL of your choice.
  • How many raffles can I get?
    Every dollar counts as 1 raffle. You can get as many raffles as you want.
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