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Simply put, we're Americans that love God, Family, Guns, and Freedom!


Mr. Gun started with a basic, simple, and revolutionary idea "give guns away to the people", and now we have developed a company that, with your help, allows us to do that. You have made this possible and we are incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity to serve the American people, and help in the fight against those that try to enslave "WE THE PEOPLE"!

From the beginning, we envisioned a new kind of company. One that empowers our followers and clients to shake the status quo. We aim to elevate conservative values to greater heights. We want to promote fellowship, community, development, and a relationship with God and fellow patriots. And have a priority to save the lost.

Mr. Gun is in the face of the "politically correct" celebrating traditional American values. The Christian values established by our founding fathers. Values that made this country great. The values that, attract millions around the world. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and most importantly the right to defend and protect our freedoms against all enemies, foreign &, especially, domestic.

So hold on to your guns, and follow us on this shindig. Y'all are riding shotgun!

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Learn more about us and how we are working to make this brand EPIC.


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Our talented team delivers amazing results, with a can-do attitude, and is focused on creating the best content possible.

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